All About Turkish Holidays

Enhance your lifestyle for the better by travelling to Turkey.

Many of us want to live in beautiful surroundings with amazing views where the sun shines and it feels good to be alive. To be able to wake up to bright blue cloudless skies and possibly be just a stone’s throw from a stunning beach is most people’s idea of heaven. If you now find yourself in the position of buying a holiday home or making a permanent move abroad you need to consider Turkey it should be on your wish list as it is more affordable than most European countries and you still get luxury property, Turkish travel is on the rise.

This is a huge lifestyle change for anyone but it is one for the better, Turkish travel especially on the Coast brings peaceful and relaxed surroundings and pure joy to anyone lucky enough to be able to make that journey happen! To be able to have a quality of life is what we all aspire to is what we aim our entire lives for. Living in the sunshine brings a sense of well-being and you feel healthier for a number of reasons, the added benefit of Vitamin D which your body produces when exposed to the sun makes you feel healthier and helps to prevent certain diseases. Adopting the Mediterranean diet eating fresh fruit, vegetables and virgin olive oil will help you shift those extra pounds along with gentle exercise and you will no doubt enjoy walking more.

It’s a fact that Turkey offers a slower pace of life by the beach or in the countryside, of course, if your looking for a city property then you are going to be in the hub of a thriving city somewhere like Istanbul, so peaceful it may not be, but you will buzz with the excitement and hustle and bustle where everything is on your doorstep.

Properties in Turkey offer affordability at a level of luxurious living you get so much more for your money in this wonderful country. It could be a duplex by the beach or a villa in the countryside maybe an apartment in the city whatever it is that you want Turkish travel will take you to find it.

If you are searching for a property as a holiday home you may want to consider letting your property out when you are not using it. Let your investment work for you as millions of visitors opt for Turkish travel to all destinations across Turkey

every year for their annual holiday the rental potential is extremely lucrative. Turkish property offers a great investment, a holiday home and will give you a monthly income should you choose to rent your property out. Rentals are on the increase as most visitors prefer to rent an apartment or villa than stay in a cramped hotel room. They have more space, freedom of movement and privacy that a hotel room just doesn’t give you. The average rental returns can be anything from 6-9% and they are increasing, with a good rental management company they will look after your property on your behalf.

International airports fly to all the major destinations in Turkey so Turkish travel makes hopping on a plane to your holiday home effortless. Transfers from the airport are generally within 1 hour from your home they are quick and efficient either by shuttle bus, private car hire or taxi, some local buses are available too; most can be pre-booked from the comfort of your own home.

Getting around Turkey is cheap, easy and reliable with the local bus service called a Dolmus and there are local taxis. If you wanted to travel further afield the buses are a great way to visit another resort.

The coastline of Turkey spans from the Aegean to the Mediterranean and covers an impressive 8000km with over 436 blue flag beaches with pristine golden sands and the sea changes colour from the deepest blue to turquoise to jade green. If you have small children the majority of the beaches gently shelves into the sea so it’s safe for the little ones to paddle by the shore. There are panoramic views of coves, caves and coastal paths yearning to be explored and palm-fringed beaches where you can relax in a cabana sipping something long and cold and chill to your heart’s content. Fethiye is a favourite with its natural beauty it has retained its traditional harbour town charm and lies along the beautiful coastline; it’s known as the “Turquoise Coast” for good reason. Beautiful Bodrum has a wonderful marina expensive yachts are moored there and designer shops and trendy boutiques are plentiful. Cafes and restaurants line the streets offering the best views over Bodrum castle.

If you prefer the countryside you will be met by stunning landscapes, pine forests and olive groves against a backdrop of beautiful mountains and fields filled with colourful flora and fauna. In most cases, small villages are often fairly close to the coast so if you fancy a change sometimes then it’s possible, just a short drive away. In these villages, you can immerse yourself into the local community and you will be welcomed. Akbuk is a small sleepy village and an ideal spot to live on a permanent basis, there is excellent shopping at the bigger towns and cities which make for a good day out. It’s quiet and laid back atmosphere with stunning surroundings are perfect for those wanting a more serene lifestyle. There are plenty of very good restaurants and cafes dotted along the beach it’s just a quieter village and not a bustling resort. The village of Üzümlü has retained its traditional Turkish charm and is one of Turkey’s spectacular natural beauty sites; set in a valley it’s located in the foothills of the Taurus Mountains.

City life is where you can witness the diversity of cultures, more so in Istanbul for example. It really is where east meets west and the historic architecture and richness in its history is second to none. Istanbul is full of Eastern promise it’s a vibrant city which is a “hot spot” now for investors and holiday home buyers wanting to be in the hub of city life. If you opt for a city by the beach then you have the best of both worlds with all the trappings of a city on the coast. Cosmopolitan Antalya has something for everyone from golf courses, marinas and designer shops to die for it’s known as the “Turkish Riviera” You can visit beautiful museums and art galleries, shop at local markets, trendy boutiques and designer shops, exquisite gold jewellery and fine arts can all be found here.

The diet in Turkey is Mediterranean style and the foods are delicious, shopping for your weekly groceries at the market is very affordable and you will be amazed at the costs. Everywhere you visit you will see market stalls with fresh produce ranging from fresh fish especially in the harbour towns and villages, fresh fruit and vegetables, homemade cheeses, olives, nuts, locally produced virgin olive oil, fresh herbs and spices to fresh crusty bread.

I think most importantly the locals are warm and friendly, they adore children and hold the elderly in high esteem and family and friends means everything, you will be made to feel very welcome and if they can help you with anything, they will.

Turkey caters for all, where do you choose? Once that decision is made our property portfolio designed for you will change and enhance your lifestyle forever.

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