Travel to Izmir

Situated in the Gulf of Izmir, the city of Izmir is located in the Aegean region in Western Turkey. Reckoned as the pearl of Aegean, Izmir is the third largest city after Ankara and Istanbul and one of the most important commercial and industrial hubs in Turkey. Brimming with series of scenic mountains and magnificent sightseeing attractions, this splendid city is home to second largest Turkish sea port. Several tourists who wish to spend quality time can travel to Izmir for a memorable vacation with family.

To reach this splendid city of Izmir, tourists can travel either by air, road or rail transportation. The city has an airport, which is well connected by flights with Turkish and international destinations. All the national and international flights land at Adnan Menders airport, which is the city’s largest airport, located at a distance of around 18 km, south-west of Izmir. Tourists travelling to Izmir can opt for city-to-airport shuttle buses, which are operated by a private company named Havas. For reaching the city centre from the airport, tourists can also opt for an overland train. There is frequent rail connectivity between Izmir and other Turkish cities. The intercity services connect Izmir to other cities via two railway stations, namely Basmane and Alsancak. Trains between Izmir (Basmane) and Ankara are relatively comfortable and economically priced.

For travelling to Izmir from other Turkish cities, tourists can opt for buses, which run on a regular basis at frequent intervals. Bus transport is an ideal option for tourists who wish to travel to Izmir for day trips. Located in the outskirts of the city, the Otogar Bus Station in the Altındağ suburb provides numerous intercity buses. Buses from this station follow two lines, the first connects Karşıyaka in Izmir’s northern part and the second follows the route to connect Alsancak in the southern part of the city with the airport. Reaching the bus terminal is quite easy with the help of the Havas shuttle service, wherein shuttles run at regular intervals.

Tourists wishing to travel short distances can also opt for local taxis. In addition, a weekly ferry service from Istanbul to Izmir is also available for tourists willing to travel to Izmir. Travelling through this ferry service takes 19 hours to reach Izmir. Located at a distance of 2 km north of the city centre, the Alsancak Ferry Terminal has several tourist facilities.

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