Travel to Antalya

Reckoned as Turkish Riviera, Antalya is one of the most favoured tourist destinations in Turkey. The sun-kissed beaches, scenic nature vistas and picturesque historical attractions make this place a popular resort, boasting of some of the cleanest beaches in the entire Mediterranean region. Steep cliffs, mysterious caves and balmy temperatures attract several vacationers to travel to Antalya for experiencing the beauty of this magnificent city.

This Mediterranean enclave boasts of several attractions including palm-lined boulevard, internationally-acclaimed marina and an old castle with traditional architecture, to mention a few. The beaches and a lovely marina of this modern city compete for attention with the magnificent streets of Kaleici, the old town centre.

Tourists travelling to Antalya can also visit the 18th century Fluted Minaret of Seljuk origin, wherein tourists have to climb 90 steps to reach the top. The Hadrian’s Gate, built in the 2nd century, is visited by several tourists year-round. The city is home to many other interesting tourist attractions like Perge, Archeological Museum, Chimaera and Olympos, Karain Magarasi, Karst Springs, Termessos and Yivli Minare, among many others. Besides, several tourists travel to Antalya to take part in various sporting events such as the international beach volleyball, triathlon, golf tournament and archery.

Antalya is well-severed by air, road and rail network. The city is well-connected to other parts of Turkey by regular scheduled flights, which operate from Istanbul and Ankara. Besides, there are several direct scheduled international flights as well as charter flights, which run from various parts of the globe including the major cities of Europe, Israel and Russia. Located at a distance of 10 kilometres from the city centre, the Antalya airport has two international terminals, which are served by international as well as domestic flights. There is a free shuttle service operating round-the-clock between the two terminals. From the airport, tourists can either take a bus or hire a private taxi to reach the city centre.

Choosing intercity buses to Antalya is the most convenient way of travelling to the city from nearby Turkish cities. Reasonably priced, busses cover major routes including Istanbul (12 hours), Ankara (7 hours) and Izmir (6.30 hours). Antalya (Yeni Garaj) is the major bus terminal located at a distance of 4 kilometres north of the city centre. The rail network is not prominent in the city; however, tourists travelling to Antalya via train from major cities in Europe can reach Burdur, from where bus or taxi is the most feasible option.

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