Travel to Alanya

Alanya, situated in the Gulf of Antalya on Turkey’s Mediterranean coast, has been a favoured seaside holiday resort for many years. Several tourists from across the globe travel to Alanya to experience the beauty of sun-soaked beaches along with magnificence of the Taurus Mountains, a breathtaking backdrop to the north. A major part of this city extends on the impressive rocky promontory that protrudes into the sea. This ancient city is home to several old houses, towers and mosques, which leave tourists enthralled. At the seabank, tourists can visit plenty of bars, tea-houses, cafes and restaurants, which serve several international and traditional cuisines.

Tourists coming from different countries to experience the magnificence and beauty of this city can choose flights to travel to Alanya. Alanya is about two hours drive from the nearest international airport in Antalya. Besides, for intercity transportation, tourist can reach the Gazipasa Airport which is currently served by domestic flights. From the airport, tourists can either take a bus or rent a car to reach Alanya, which is a 30 minutes drive via road. Tourists can avail buses to reach the city centre. The Alanya intercity bus station, known as Otogar, is located on the western side of the city, approximately 3 kilometres from the city centre on Ataturk Bulvari. Buses for Alanya leave from different Turkish cities, including Istanbul and Ankara, on a daily basis at regular time intervals. From the Alanya bus terminal, tourists can opt for a comfortable ride in a dolmus, which takes tourists anywhere in the city.

Tourists travelling to Alanya can also visit an impressive 14th century citadel, below which lie beautiful sea caves and grottoes. The walls of the quaint houses, mosques and a Byzantine church decorated with frescoes impress tourists. Some of these attractions can only be reached by boats and ferries, but tourists can also walk up to the most famous Damlatas or Cape of Dripping Stones. For tourists travelling to Alanya, the 13th century Seljuk Fort crowning the Alanya Peninsula is a must-see attraction. Inclusive of 150 towers, this magnificent fort has a double row of fortifications. Best time to travel to Alanya is during spring and autumn, as it is neither too hot nor too cold during these seasons. The Mediterranean region of Alanya can be visited between April and September.

The presence of tourist attractions, varied travelling options and pleasant weather make travel to Alanya an enjoyable experience.

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