All About Turkish Holidays

Turkish travel is a huge subject right now, not least because Turkey is one of the fastest growing tourism destinations in the world.

During the international financial crisis — a buzzword for the worst global recession since World War II — international travel dropped like a stone. Flights were suspended, cancelled, airlines and travel companies went bust — leaving travellers stranded in many cases — and it was a generally bad time for the travel industry.

Not that you would have known it in Turkey. Throughout the crisis there were multiple announcements of airlines expanding their coverage of Turkey with new routes and increasing frequencies. There were also several reports of massive increases in passenger numbers through Turkish airports.

In fact the crisis actually benefited Turkish travel in one way: when the Euro skyrocketed against the pound, almost overnight the number of Brits looking outside the eurozone for their holiday in the sun increased massively. According to the Association of British Travel Agents growth in British tourism to Turkey increased from the running average of 20% per year to 25% per year during 2009 when the Euro ran strongest.

According to Anna.Aero 44.3 million passengers went through Turkish airports between January and June this year, a 23.7% growth on the same period of last year. This follows the 7.3% year on year growth recorded last year (79.4million 2008 to 85.2million 2009).

Istanbul Sabiha Gökçen airport enjoyed the biggest increase, with visitor numbers up by an incredible 93% to 4.86 million, putting the airport in third place in terms of national traffic.

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